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Skin Care

Olivella Skin Care maximizes the benefits of 100% virgin olive oil in our face & body products to give your skin the moisture, nutrients and anti-aging benefits it needs. This line includes body lotion, hand cream and olive oil moisturizer, a best seller. Olivella skincare products provide the best natural ingredients to help you look and feel your best.


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  1. Olivella Moisturizer Oil

    The citrus aroma of Olivella Moisturizer Oil is derived from 100% virgin olive oil, which contains vitamins E and A and prevents skin aging. Learn More
  2. Olivella Hand Cream

    Olivella® Hand Cream protects, moisturizes & replenishes dehydrated hands with the benefits of 100% Virgin Olive Oil. Composed with a light texture Olivella Hand Cream is perfect for every skin type. Learn More
  3. Olivella Body Cream

    Olivella's Body Cream has a rich texture, with a hint of citrus scent. You will find you enjoy using it in cold seasons to ward off the tendency of dry skin. Learn More
  4. Olivella Body Lotion - Pump

    Light in texture, you will find our Olivella Body Lotion a great addition to your skin protection throughout the year, but especially in warm seasons. Learn More
  5. Olivella Face & Body Cleansing Tissues

    Made from 100% cotton, there is no need for rinsing with Olivella's Face & Body Cleansing Tissues. Leave you feeling fantastically fresh. Learn More

10 per page

5 Item(s)