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A Certified Business

At Olivella®, we believe in 3rd party certifications, and we strive to reach and maintain the highest level of quality control in every step of the manufacturing process and oi the components of our products. Our team of chemists and scientists rigorously assess all ingredients, packaging materials and the entire production process, making sure that we’re compliant or exceed quality and environmental standards.

Olivella Certifications

SQS ISO 14001 SQS ISO 9001 OU - Orthodox Union - PETA

Go Green program

Why just invent skin care products when we can also invent new ways for them to be made. Each of our suppliers and manufacturers commit to working with us to create 100% natural skin care products based in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olivella works with only the best suppliers to guarantee that all the materials used in Olivella® products follow the highest quality standards. Everything from from the plastic and glass used in our bottles to the ingredients inside. In addition we focus on making sure our suppliers follow our standards of environmentally friendly manufacturing principals. This initiative we call Olivella® Go Green.

Olivella® Go Green

Tracking the environmental impact of creating Olivella products is key to our business. Working along side our suppliers and manufacturers to we determine the best methods for improving the water, energy and material efficiency of our manufacturing.


Our efforts to reduce the quantity of water we use to make our products, leads towards the goal of using only water that ends up in the bottles. Olivella® is happy to share that we have zero water waste in our factory.

Energy sources

Our energy sources include solar, hydro, coal and gas. We make sure to offset our carbon emissions but more importantly we are committed to reduce and be more efficient in all the energy sources.