Keep Calm and Wear (YOUR BEST) Lipstick

Marilyn Monroe loved diamonds and Cleopatra bathed in olive oil – every woman has her beauty preferences, that thing or things 😉 which make us feel confident. After a quick survey in our Oliversity office, we discovered that we love make-up, be it a simple dash of mascara and lipstick or a full-face makeover, make-up can get the job done to enhance our natural and unique beauty.

And this is nothing new, take a look back in time, centuries ago and we find the ancient Egyptians who used natural substances such as minerals and ground nuts mixed with oil, to create a product that would stay on eyes, lips or cheeks all day. Talk about innovation!

Today everything is so much easier. If we are home or on the go, getting ready for work, or in a cab on the way to meet friends, all we need is a mirror and our favorite product in hand, wham bam, beautiful.

So we round up a list of our favorite make up brands that we love for being super conscious about their selection ingredients, being environmentally friendly, cruelty- free, just like Olivella. Enjoy!