Nourish your way into the New Year with Olivella Nourishment Cream

Nourishment Cream

As we head into the new year, many like to make resolutions on taking better care of themselves. Olivella wants to support you in that mission. And if you are already a fan of our facial products, here is a chance to learn a bit about the magic that goes into creating them.

Olivella Nourishment Cream

Olivella Nourishment Cream
Olivella Nourishment Cream

Our Nourishment Cream is specially designed to maintain and restore the natural lipid content produced by the skin because it consists of a soft emulsion based in pure olive oil. The mix of six other vegetable lipids added to olive oil represents a synergy of excellence to protect the skin from external agents, aggressive detoxification, and the physiological aging process that causes skin to be opaque or no longer elastic.

This cream is a great complement to the treatment of dry skin due to its vitamin F content, an anti-slip vitamin known for its essential fatty acid content and being a good anti-wrinkle treatment.

So what are the functional active principals to our Nourishment Cream, let’s list them out for fun:

  1. Olive Oil – Oil rich in triglycerides (oleic acid and linoleic content) and an un-saponifiable fraction (phytosterols and tocopherols) is considered one of the best oils for its nutritional, emollient, protective, and vitaminizing properties. All this results in an anti-wrinkle effect, with a noticeable change in the appearance.
  2. Rosa Mosqueta Oil – Pink Mosqueta is a wild rose originally from Asia, later spread to Europe and introduced by the Spaniards during the time of conquest in South America. This oil obtained from the cold pressure of its seeds, has a very high concentration of essential fatty acids, indispensable to the skin to keep it healthy and bright. The application of the rose mosqueta increases the hydration of the superficial skin layers of the dry skin, delaying and countering the appearance of the wrinkles.
  3. Almond oil – Richly triglyceride oil (with high oleic and linoleic content) with good emollient power is used to treat dry, in-elastic, tired skin. It is widely used to restore tonicity, elasticity and vigor to the skin especially stressed with stretch marks).
  4. Shea butter – It is a natural fat obtained from the fruit of the Karite tree growing spontaneously in the dry regions of the Central African equatorial zone. Shea butter is an excellent fat base and has an unusually high content of the un-saponifiable fraction. Thanks to its qualities it improves the softness of the skin and increases its brightness.
  5. Carrot oil – Vitamin A source, gives softness, hydration and elasticity. Useful in growing and nourishing the skin.
  6. Chamomile oil – A delicate and rich oil, it is a soothing, emollient.
  7. Hypericum oil – From its soothing and protective properties, rich in flavonoids, diantrons, tannins and polyphenolic acids. Particularly suitable for dry, cracked, relaxed, and atonic skins.
  8. Vitamin F (glyceryl linoleate, glyceryl linolenate) – This vitamin’s presence prevents dryness, roughness and skin out of appearance.
  9. Hydroponic Chamomile – Essential flower extract with soothing power.

Application tips:

Designed for all skin types, especially for dry skin. Abundantly apply to your face and neck before going out and massage in with light circular movements. For best results use regularly in the morning, evening. Best if applied before going to sleep.