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Consciousness & Transparency

Climate consciousness

We believe in creating concrete efforts to find solutions for climate change. Not only do we take action in lowering our carbon emissions, we also ensure to partner with businesses who do the same. Our strategy is to reduce carbon emissions in our sourcing, product manufacturing, distributions and company operations. In addition we work to give incentives which help in this reduction process.


In creating our products, it is important for us to communicate and make clear what we do and how we do it. This goes for everything from how we make our products, to the process of creating them.

Informing our customers

On each package and online, we inform our customers about our products, what the benefits are, how to use them and allow them to make informed purchases.

Against animal testing

We are strongly against animal testing which is why Olivella® is officially PETA certified. Olivella does no animal testing and also we do not allow any animal testing to be performed on our behalf.

Against animal by-products

We are also against animal by-products and absolutely don’t use them.

Very pet friendly

Our entire product line is safe for use around your pets and will do them no harm

Very people, pet and planet safe

Our goal is a happy planet for all it’s inhabitants. Ensuring that toxic and unhealthy ingredients do not come into contact with you, your home or your loved ones. Natural and safe is our motto.