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Olivella Bath and Shower Gel - Classic

Olivella Bade- und Duschgel - Original

Olivella Bade- und Duschgel - Original

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Unser Olivella Bade- und Duschgel ist eine neutrale Seife ohne Farb- und Konservierungsstoffe.
Hergestellt aus 100% reinem Olivenöl, enthält es Vitamine A und E, die gut für die Haut sind. Unser natürliches Orangenaroma lässt Ihre Haut jung anfühlen und es hat einen feinen, fruchtigen Duft, der Ihnen den Kick in Ihrem Tag gibt.
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I bought this just experimenting. My sensitive skin loves it Review von jacque
kepp selling this product. I have the 67.63 fl oz. pump bottle. (Am 30.11.2014 gepostet)
Excellent Product Review von CAROLYN in Macon, GA
I bought my first bottle of shower gel at a local retail store by "accident"...just trying it out because it smelled so nice. After using it one time, I and my whole family (3 males) were HOOKED!!! I kept visiting the same store hoping that they had more on the shelf but they never got any more product in stock. I was determined to have more so I searched the bottle until I found the website and ordered MULTIPLE Olivella Family products. We won't use anything else from now on.....and we're a "hard sale" group. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!! (Am 12.07.2014 gepostet)

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