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Olivella Lavendel-Barseife

Olivella Lavendel-Barseife

Olivella Lavendel-Barseife

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Mit der Olivella Lavendel-Barseife werden Sie sich wie in einem Lavendelfeld lassen. Unsere patentierte Technologie basiert auf natürlichen Vitaminen und Anti-Aging-Eigenschaften, die man alle in 100% nativem Olivenöl finden kann.

Unsere Seifen ergänzen die Feuchtigkeit und Nährstoffe, die durch die tägliche Reinigung mit regulären Seifen von Ihrer Haut entfernt werden.

Hinterlässt keine öligen Rückstände auf der Haut und eignet sich für jede Altersgruppe und Hauttyp; sie ist sogar sanft genug für die Babyhaut.
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Amazing Review von EndlessThoughts
What an Amazing soap, it's not to strong not to soft. The smell reminds me of running through lavender fields just a nice soft soap, it has not once dried out my skin and it no longer has an ashy look also very very soft, I use this with the lavender body wash too and to tell you how relaxing it is can not be put into words on how luxurious my skin feels, I found my life kind products here, and my signature scent that not everyone had!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (Am 24.01.2015 gepostet)
Second that this is the BEST NATURAL SOAP!!! Review von Terria
First saw the gift set of Olivella products (which included soap & lotion) in an Italian Deli in '09 and purchased it. I was looking for a soap that did not cause me to itch. The Bar Soap did the trick and it smelled so good. I then, purchased the Body Wash and have loved & used it ever since. Love the Vanilla & Lavender scented Body Wash and the fragrance free bar soap.Going to try the Apricot & Orange scented Body Wash for the 1st time in this order. I also buy them in bulk and sometime share with my family & friends. Great natural product for people that have issues with other soaps. Waiting for the Vanilla scented Bar Soap. (Am 28.08.2013 gepostet)

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