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Olivella - Olive Oil Moisturizer Oil - 1.69 oz

Olivella Feuchtigkeitsöls

Olivella Feuchtigkeitsöls

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Das Olivella Feuchtigkeitsöl ist ein natürliches Produkt, das Ihre Schönheitsroutine ergänzen kann. Wir haben eine Mischung aus ätherischen Ölen, sowie zarte, florale Düfte hinzugefügt, die Ihre Haut auf natürliche Weise pflegen. Für alle Hauttypen geeignet, können Sie unser Feuchtigkeitsöl für eine tiefe feuchtigkeitsspendende Behandlung der Haut verwenden. Es hinterlässt keine Rückstände und wird vollständig absorbiert, dank des reinen 100% nativen Olivenöls, das wir verwenden.
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Lightens age spots Review von Judy
My daughter gave me some Moisturizing oil for Christmas. I liked how soft it made my face feel. It also blends in with my make-up so I use less of that. And to my delight, I have found that dark scars on my face from shingles have faded away. Other dark age spots on my face have visibly faded. (Am 11.02.2015 gepostet)
soooo wonderful! Review von Tina, Brisbane CA
The Olivella moisturizer lotion/ointment is soooo wonderful! I've been using it every morning & night because it feels so wonderful...thank you! (My husband has even used it a few times!) (Am 04.12.2014 gepostet)
would be lost without it!! Review von Snappy
My very first facial experience they used a oil moisturizer...wasn't too sure how my face would react to it. I bought their product but got very expensive. I came across Olivella...seeing it was 100% virgin olive oil...sold! I have been using it ever since and absolutely love it. The smell is amazing. Keep up the good work:) (Am 05.09.2014 gepostet)
Love Review von Gis
Pure love !!!! (Am 08.08.2014 gepostet)
Best moisturiser ever! Review von Anja
This is the best product I ever tried. (Am 13.09.2013 gepostet)
Smooth plump hydrated skin at last! Review von Kat
This is a wonderful product, I have struggled with my skin looking dehydrated for years no matter what products or potions I have tried. So far I have used 2/3rds of the bottle and my skin is dramatically improved, my large open pores are finer and much reduced in size and my skin is wonderfully smooth. I use the oil twice a day morning and night after washing my face and neck with warm water. I always apply when the skin is damp and I find it soaks right in to the skin making an excellent base for my makeup foundation. I no longer get any greasy shine in my t-zone. Thank you to the company for making a great product with no toxic nasties. (Am 31.08.2013 gepostet)

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