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Olivella Shampoo - The Olive

Olivella Shampoo

Olivella Shampoo

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Das Olivella Olivenöl Shampoo macht das Haar glänzend, erneuert es und es fühlt sich weich an. Es reinigt das Haar und liefert dazu die Vorteile von Antioxidanten (Vitamin A & E und Polyphenole), um dem Haar Kraft, Vitalität und Glanz zu geben.

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I finally found my one and only Review von Linda
I tried the olivella shampoo and conditioner on a summer trip to Florida. My hair is usually very frizzy in humidity, especially at the beach. This combo tamed my frizz and my hairdresser even commented on how healthy my hair felt! My hair has never looked or felt better. FYI I am a 50 year old woman who has my hair professionally colored every six weeks. The fading of color has minimized since using Olivella products. There is no going back to my former salon products now. I have found my perfect match! (Am 02.03.2014 gepostet)
Purchased the small size to try - now only buy the big one Review von Karly
I bought this shampoo just to try it. I wanted something natural from Italy and so far I think is the best. You can buy so call "olive oil" shampoo and conditioner but it has so many other products that it should be called "smell like olive oil" you can really tell the difference between this product vs others. This is the real stuff and it smells great. I wish they come out with some olive oil hair serum or oil for the hair. I have used the olive oil that you used for cooking and it leaves my hair super soft but not greasy like redken, enjoy, B&B or Moroccan Oil. I have used every brand possible and I color my hair and it does not fade the color either. (Am 25.09.2013 gepostet)

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