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Article: The importance of moisturizing your skin with Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream (and why you should do it every day)

The importance of moisturizing your skin with Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream (and why you should do it every day)

The importance of moisturizing your skin with Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream (and why you should do it every day)

Do you know the feeling when you get up and you have to run to work?  All you want to do is drink your coffee and go as fast as you can. For a moment you think “I should skip my face cream to save time… I could do it tomorrow when I have more time”. Well, this is definitely not a good idea and running late is not a good excuse to skip skin care. Applying face cream takes only a few seconds and it will help your skin look young and healthy in the long term.

Choosing the right cream is essential for effective and long-lasting benefits. Olivella®’s Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream is one of our favorites, thanks to its 100% virgin olive oil based emulsion.
It is not all about olive oil, there are also other active ingredients that will help to keep your skin deeply hydrated throughout the day… Are you curious? We will tell you more about it.

What are the benefits of moisturizing your skin with a virgin olive oil face cream?

Using skin care based on virgin olive oil has many benefits. Not surprisingly, Olivella® slogan is “The Mediterranean Diet for your skin”, let’s read why:


  1. It is rich in antioxidants.
    Virgin olive oil has an antioxidant effect to defend your skin cells against inflammation and external damage, meaning it works effectively to fight skin ageing and redness.

  2. It reduces water loss from the skin (so it is extremely moisturizing). 
    Moreover, virgin olive oil keeps your skin moisturized as it creates a layer and reduces water loss. Your skin will look radiant and feel soft all day!

  3. It is rich in Vitamin E
    Olive oil contains many important nutrients such as vitamin A, D and  E. This last one is well-known to keep your skin well-nourished and it helps skin cells to regenerate.

  4. It has antibacterial properties.
    Research shows how virgin olive oil is useful to fight bacteria by deeply cleansing out the pores, which could otherwise cause skin issues such as blackheads and acne.

What are the other beneficial ingredients in the Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream?

Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) helps to reduce wrinkles and redness. Since it has “acid” in its name, it may be considered drying and exfoliating, but the truth is that it plays a really vital role in keeping your skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced from our skin and its function is to bind water to our cells and retain moisture. As we age, its production decreases and, as a result, our skin may lose volume, hydration and plumpness. For this reason, adding hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in your skin care routine is highly recommended because it will keep it deeply hydrated and will make it look less crinkly and dewier.

Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream


The second very important ingredient in Olivella® Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream is Tiger Grass (also known as Centella Asiatica). Centella Asiatica is a natural anti-inflammatory herb that makes your skin renew itself faster. Tiger grass is also filled with chlorophyll which forms a protective moisture barrier, helpful to prevent and fight against visible signs of ageing.  Moreover, research has found that Centella Asiatica can mitigate sun damages, reactivate skin cell microcirculation and fight redness.

All of these beneficial ingredients have been put together to achieve the best looking skin. The light texture of the Olivella®’s gel cream spreads evenly without getting greasy so the skin will be nourished, soft, firmer and glowy all day long. 

How to apply moisturizing face cream correctly?

Below we sum up for you few essential steps for the perfect morning (and time tested) skin care routine :

  1. First of all, wash your face with lukewarm water or using a milky or creamy cleanser. You may leave your skin a little damp to get the most effectiveness out of your face cream. 
  2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of face cream into your palm and apply it to your cheeks, forehead, nose, T-zone then to the chin, neck and ear, with circular motions.
  3. Use a gentle hand and make sure you are always lifting the skin upwards when applying face cream. If you do have a Gua Sha or Jade Roller,  you may message your cream into the skin with the help of these tools. With regular use, they can boost the skin microcirculation to reduce puffiness and brighten the complexion.

We hope you understand the benefits of using a natural and multi-tasking face cream such as Olivella® Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream, and the reason why you can’t skip your skin care routine every day.
If you think you can still “forget”, why don’t you get up 5 minutes earlier? It may be an effective trick to make sure you will always have time for your beauty-time priorities.


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