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Olivella Salviette Detergenti - Fronte

Olivella Salviette Detergenti e Struccanti

Olivella Salviette Detergenti e Struccanti

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La salvietta Olivella®, delicata per viso e corpo, grazie all'alta percentuale di olio vergine di oliva in essa contenuto, rimuove il trucco persistente (viso, occhi e labbra) lasciando la pelle detersa ed idratata (ideale sostituto del latte e tonico).
Ricca in glicerina, estratto glicerico di camomilla proveniente da coltivazioni biologiche, bisabolol e vitamina E.

Dermatologicamente ed oftalmologicamente testate.
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Recensioni utenti

Best facial tissues! Recensito da Contessa
After trying several other cleansing wipes, I always return to Olivella. There is not another product comparable to these.
The Olivella Face and Body Cleansing tissues do an excellent job of removing facial makeup with one tissue. I also use them to remove eyeshadow with no irritation to my eyes. They cleanse thoroughly without drying your skin or leaving any residue-your skin is truly clean and soft. I have only used them as facial tissues but wouldn't hesitate to use them on my body. (pubblicato il 05/07/2014)
Great product Recensito da Laney
These Olivella Cleansing Tissues are defiantly great! they are very soothing and gentle to the skin, it also leaves a moisturized and clean feel. And they have a great light refreshing scent too! :)
although, the Price is good on the website, I'd like to point out that a purchased mine for only $3.99 at ROSS !;)
I recommend this product for anyone looking forward to feeling great and healthy about their facial skin ;) (pubblicato il 01/12/2013)
Cleans well and is refreshing Recensito da Deb
The tissues do a nice job of removing makeup and dirt and leaving your face feeling clean without drying in out like soap does. (pubblicato il 20/08/2013)
travel must have Recensito da Linda
Love these cleansing tissues. They are great for travel and refreshing after a long flight or car travel ordeal. I use them even after a long day at work. They feel great against the skin. Thank you for such a great product.. (pubblicato il 20/11/2012)
Just wonderful! Recensito da Lana
I purchased these wipes from I probably would have not heard of them if it was not for that program. I used them on a caribbean holiday every day in february 2012. These wipes are soft, non stinging, smell wonderful and very very soothing to the skin.
They are my new cleanser/toner combo. I have noticed my pores have reduced as well. It is so much easier to use these clothes as opposed to washing with cleanser. Thanks Olivella! (pubblicato il 20/11/2012)
Impressive results, leaves skin mosterized and smells great! Recensito da Emerie Beatrice De Bareis
I have tried a bunch of facial tissues and was always disappointed by the smell, they dried up because the package didn't close well after opening or because they left my skin too dry. Olivella's facial tissue remove my make up fast, easy without being too rough on my skin or drying up my skin. The last tissue it just as fresh as the first one. I can recommended it with all confidence. (pubblicato il 20/11/2012)
Leaves skin soft Recensito da Leigh
I use these tissues after washing my face with Olivella soap and have found them to perform better than any liquid toner I've used in the past. They are cool, refreshingly scented, and leave my face feeling soft and conditioned. Much easier to travel with than toner, as well! (pubblicato il 20/11/2012)
I love these! Recensito da Andrée
After trying many different cleansing wipes (MAC, Neutrogena, Boots, Shiseido, Skyn Iceland...) I came across these. What first got my attention was the fact that they are made with 100% pure virgin olive oil. The price was too good for me to pass them up, so I grabbed a pack. I was very excited to try them out, and couldn't wait to get home to wash my face! I was amazed. They are so soft, and to my surprise, just one cloth removed all my makeup! It left no greasy or sticky residue on my face, and left my skin completely clean and super soft. I will definitely be repurchasing these, as they are now a staple in my skincare routine! (pubblicato il 20/11/2012)

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