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Olivella Olio Idratante (Moisturizer)

Olivella Olio Idratante (Moisturizer)

Olivella Olio Idratante (Moisturizer)

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L'Olio Idratante Olivella è un prodotto Naturale al 100%, ottenuto da purissimo Olio Vergine di Oliva di cui conserva i benefici dei principi attivi in esso contenuti, arricchito di ingredienti altamente eudermici e dermoprotettivi come lo squalene vegetale da frutto d’olivo e da complessi vitaminici.
È un olio ideale per l’idratazione e la cura della pelle del viso e del corpo nelle parti più sensibili e/o secche, esposte agli stress atmosferici e all’inquinamento. Profumato con essenze naturali e fresche note agrumate viene assorbito con facilità in breve tempo prevenendo il fenomeno dell’invecchiamento grazie alla sua capacità di combattere i radicali liberi e la secchezza cutanea.

Le note di fragranze mediterranee allieteranno l'indimenticabile esperienza.

Naturale e vegetale al 100%. Senza parabeni. Senza coloranti. Contiene principi attivi aromatici naturali. Dermatologicamente testato. Per tutti i tipi di pelle. Solo per uso locale.
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Recensioni utenti

Lightens age spots Recensito da Judy
My daughter gave me some Moisturizing oil for Christmas. I liked how soft it made my face feel. It also blends in with my make-up so I use less of that. And to my delight, I have found that dark scars on my face from shingles have faded away. Other dark age spots on my face have visibly faded. (pubblicato il 11/02/2015)
soooo wonderful! Recensito da Tina, Brisbane CA
The Olivella moisturizer lotion/ointment is soooo wonderful! I've been using it every morning & night because it feels so wonderful...thank you! (My husband has even used it a few times!) (pubblicato il 04/12/2014)
would be lost without it!! Recensito da Snappy
My very first facial experience they used a oil moisturizer...wasn't too sure how my face would react to it. I bought their product but got very expensive. I came across Olivella...seeing it was 100% virgin olive oil...sold! I have been using it ever since and absolutely love it. The smell is amazing. Keep up the good work:) (pubblicato il 05/09/2014)
Love Recensito da Gis
Pure love !!!! (pubblicato il 08/08/2014)
Best moisturiser ever! Recensito da Anja
This is the best product I ever tried. (pubblicato il 13/09/2013)
Smooth plump hydrated skin at last! Recensito da Kat
This is a wonderful product, I have struggled with my skin looking dehydrated for years no matter what products or potions I have tried. So far I have used 2/3rds of the bottle and my skin is dramatically improved, my large open pores are finer and much reduced in size and my skin is wonderfully smooth. I use the oil twice a day morning and night after washing my face and neck with warm water. I always apply when the skin is damp and I find it soaks right in to the skin making an excellent base for my makeup foundation. I no longer get any greasy shine in my t-zone. Thank you to the company for making a great product with no toxic nasties. (pubblicato il 31/08/2013)
The pump Recensito da Paulina
I love your product and have been using it at night for 3 years. I don't know when you changed the pump, (because I had stocked up) but I hate this pump. It's too small and awkward. Also I have noted a change in the consistency and smell of the oil The older was a lot lighter and didn't leave such a greasy feel on my face.
(pubblicato il 18/07/2013)
Great! Recensito da Jill (Texas)
I love the way this product feels and smells. It makes my face feel wonderful. I was worried when I first received it that it would be oily but not at all. It soaks right in to your skin for extra soft, moisturized skin. I love it!! (pubblicato il 03/05/2013)
Best winter moisturizer EVA!!! Recensito da gr8shoes
I love this moisturizer; use it as my night moisturizer in spring, summer, fall. But this is absolutely THE best barrier layer for winter. I use it every morning in winter; it sets up the extra barrier i need while commuting regardless of the day. it has kept away the drying that come from cold, windy mornings my face has not chapped once this winter & it's been a tough one here in New England. I keep a spare bottle in my desk drawer for my evening return trip too. I've never had better skin in the winter and I know it's because of this product as well as the other moisturizers and the soap. Cannot live without my soap (pubblicato il 20/03/2013)
Great after-shower moisturizer Recensito da Melissa Booker (D.C.)
Using the tip provided on Olivella's blog at, started using this Olivella MOisturizer Oil right before exiting the shower. With the steam and hot water, the moisturizer really enters the pores, and lasts all day long. (pubblicato il 18/02/2013)

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