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Olivella Balsamo

Olivella Balsamo

Olivella Balsamo

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Ultra-ricco ed ammorbidente ad uso giornaliero, idrata, streccia e rigenera capelli danneggiati, secchi, opachi e/o trattati.
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Recensioni utenti

And the Winner Is...Olivella. Recensito da Art
Olivella Shampoo and Conditioner won my personal trial among several other brands over 6 months. Back to the best for clean and manageable hair all day and it leaves your hair very soft to the touch. (pubblicato il 25/01/2015)
Excellent product at any price Recensito da Rita
Excellent product at any price for any type of hair. I have my entire family using it! (pubblicato il 02/12/2013)
The smell is addicting Recensito da Anne NYC
Love the smell of this conditioner by Olivella. I use it everyday! (pubblicato il 20/02/2013)
Use as a leave-in Recensito da Mina
This conditioner smells amazingly and I have dry hair so I buy an extra plastic bottle and fill it with Olivella The Olive Conditioner about 1/3 and then water. Shake it up and you have an amazing leave it. I put it in my hair at night and then braid it up. In the am my hair is so shiny and moisturized. So happy I discovered Olivella, big time fan!!! (pubblicato il 14/02/2013)
A gentle conditioner for regular use Recensito da Allison M
The positives.
Not sticky. Effective as a regular conditioner. Leaves hair soft and tangle free. Ingredient list is short and simple. Uses natural ingredients mostly.

The negatives.
Made in Italy and only sold online in US. Wonder when US manufacturers will realize that adding more and more industrial chemicals does not make great personal use products. (pubblicato il 03/09/2012)

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