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Glow Essentials Bundle

For Dry & Dull Skin

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Unlock the secrets of our innovative skincare system and experience the unparalleled results that come from combining these two remarkable creams.
With the Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream by day and the Nourishment Cream by night, your skin will thrive with a luminous, nourished glow that defies age and time.

Hydra Gel Moisture Cream with Hyaluronic Acid:
Deeply hydrates with hyaluronic acid for a plump, smooth complexion.
- Provides all-day glow with an ultra-lightweight, quick-absorbing formula.
- Calms the skin with natural anti-inflammatory tiger grass.

Nourishment Cream: 
- Restores the skin's barrier and strengthens it. 
- Nourishes deeply and softens the skin.
- Restores essential skin lipids: ceramides and fatty acids.
The exclusive complex design is based on virgin olive oil combined with olive leaf extract which nourishes and protects the skin from external agents due to the high antioxidant activity of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein.

Glow Essentials Bundle - Olivella
Glow Essentials Bundle Sale price$32.99 Regular price$46.98