4 Differences between Squalane from Olive Oil & Squalene and why you should care?

If you are wondering what are the differences between Squalane from Olive Oil and Squalene here are some useful insights for you:

  1. One is a part of the other. Squalane is derived from squalene. Squalane is the more stable form of this molecule
  2. Squalane was originally obtained from shark livers and sometimes it still is. The fish-friendly alternative is squalane made from olives. Guess which one Olivella uses?!  Our products being based in 100% Virgin Olive Oil ensures that the best of the two is placed in every single product we create.
  3. Highly refined squalane from olives has an amazing capacity to completely and quickly penetrate the skin (at a rate of 2 mm/second). Thus why clients rave that Olivella creams and lotions are so absorbent. Once absorbed it is doing all manner of helpful things.
  4. Finally, why you should look for Squalane vs Squalene in the beauty products you purchase is because it is a true antioxidant. Squalane prevents sun UV damage and age spots from forming. It promotes cell growth and is also an antibacterial.

Now that the differences are clear, rest assured that Olivella is providing you only with the best!

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