Natural Soaps, Bar None

Bar soaps are IN again, or were they ever OUT?!

One thing is for sure, the offerings of natural bar soaps in the marketplace is every increasing. So we wanted to share a bit more about Olivella bar soaps as well as highlight a few true artisans who make soaps which are almost too beautiful to use, almost. 🙂

First up, Olivella. Have you ever wondered why our olive oil bar soaps may vary in color? Well, the simple reason is that Olivella does not use any artificial colorants. The green color of the olive oil soap is due to the natural chlorophyll extracted from the olives. And as you can imagine, that may vary in color, just like… apples or any other fruit.

Look at the olive oil soaps image above. What you see is three different olive oil bar soaps ( Fragrance Free Bar Soap ) with three different green gradations.

Next up, the artistically designed bar soaps. We researched and narrowed our list down to the beautiful bars you see below. Lather up!


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