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Article: Olive Oil Benefits For Psoriasis

Olive Oil benefits for Psoriasis

Olive Oil Benefits For Psoriasis

By Ali Capron

Psoriasis is a painful skin condition that affects over 3 million people each year by causing sore patches to appear on the skin. It is brought on by an overactive immune system, and is often treated with creams made of salicylic acid or steroids, though many people prefer natural treatments. One of the best natural treatments for Psoriasis is olive oil.

Why Is Olive Oil A Good Gift For People With Psoriasis?

If you have family members or friends with Psoriasis, holiday gifting is a great way to help them. Olive oil may seem like a simple gift at first, but high-end olive oil products like Olivella Body Oil can be both thoughtful and appreciated. Relaxing body oils, moisturizers, and lotions made from olive oil can make for a luxurious, spa-like experience, while still benefiting skin that is affected by Psoriasis. Olive oil is also a great eco-friendly option, and makes for a natural and chemical-free present. Natural and eco-friendly options are both on trend and beneficial to those with sensitive skin. They lack harmful chemicals, which can irritate Psoriasis further.

Why Is Olive Oil Beneficial For Psoriasis?

Olive oil is an anti-inflammatory and a natural moisturizer. It soothes dry skin and helps to minimize swelling in sore areas. The culprits behind these positive effects are fatty acids and Vitamin E. Their skin-benefiting properties are naturally found in olive oil.

Olive oil being an effective treatment for Psoriasis was discovered by mistake. It was discovered during a study on olive oil’s effects on cardiovascular health when a patient in the study recovered from 80% of his Psoriasis symptoms during the trial. The study showed olive oil to be as effective, if not more effective, than medication for mild to moderate Psoriasis symptoms. 

How Is Olive Oil Used As A Psoriasis Treatment?

Typically, Olive Oil is used to treat Psoriasis topically. The oil can be warmed up slightly in a microwave or on the stovetop. It can then be directly and generously applied to the skin with a soft towel and left to soak in. This allows dry skin that is affected by Psoriasis to find great relief. The oil should never be overheated during this process, as hot oil can worsen Psoriasis symptoms. The warming step is simply done for application comfort. Topically applying olive oil not only helps to relieve symptoms, but it helps to remove dead skin left by Psoriasis patches as well. These patches are often painful to remove, so olive oil aiding in the process is a welcome quality.

Taking olive oil internally is an option as well, according to recent studies. Experts believe the link between healthy skin and olive oil consumption could be from Oleocanthal, which is an anti-inflammatory compound that is naturally found in the oil. The anti-inflammatory calms the skin, even when it is taken by mouth.

Olive oil is a natural way to soothe and improve the often painful skin that people with Psoriasis experience. It’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties bring calming and soothing benefits. Whether the oil is used straight or as a part of a luxurious moisturizer, it is both a great gift and a solid natural treatment option.

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