The Best Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin

A good shower gel not only hydrates your skin but also pampers it. If your skin feels tight after a shower, you are probably using the wrong shower gel. Some of the ingredients you should avoid at all costs in your shower gel are phthalates, especially if you’ve had adverse reactions to soap in the past.

The very nature of showering, even if you keep it short and lukewarm, leads to a fair amount of sebum stripping, which makes skin feel dry, itchy, and tight. For that reason, post-shower hydration is key to healthy skin, at Olivella we usually recommend applying our Body Lotion or Body Oil after showering. However, showering with a gentle soap is the very first step towards a flawless skincare routine.

Olivella Shower gel is made differently from many “Olive Oil” Shower Gels you will find in the marketplace. It is made ONLY with 100% Ultra Purified and Saponified Virgin Olive Oil. This helps to keep your skin moisturized and soft in a natural way without polluting the environment. No petroleum by-products, No palm oil and No animal fats are added. This ensures that Olivella Shower Gels are an Eco-friendly alternative to regular moisturizing shower gels.

If you look at the Ingredient list of many beauty products labeled with “Olive Oil ” you will see that the actual first 2-3 ingredients never contain “Potassium Olivate”.

Potassium Olivate is one of the key ingredients that Olivella contains in its shower gels. It is a potassium soap of vegetal derivation made from olive oil fatty acids, which makes the Olivella shower gels unique and different from other “Olive Oil” branded products.

Olivella Shower Gels maintain the gentle power of Olive Oil by keeping your skin nourished in the most natural way.


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