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O.Live Man Passionale 1.69 Oz

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Perhaps yesterday could have gone better, you were slightly off your game.
Ready to face another day, you consider what will give you that certain edge.
Heading to the bathroom in your pjs, you hear two quick - whish whish - spray sounds and then your roommate strides out with a great suit and an even greater grin. Hmmm, you enter the bathroom to discover he left on the counter a bottle of O.LIVE MAN PASSIONALE
The smell of AMBER, STAR ANISE, GRAPEFRUIT WITH MUSK, still lingers as you head into the shower. The Mediterranean blend of BASIL AND OLIVE WOOD are already energizing you for the day.
O.Live Man Passionale fragrance heightens your senses as well as your sense of self.
Be your best you, LIVE OLIVELLA
O.Live Man Passionale 1.69 Oz - Olivella
O.Live Man Passionale 1.69 Oz Sale price$46.00