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Olivella Moisturizer Oil 1.69 Oz

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Olivella Moisturizer Oil uses squalane derived from olives. This all-natural product is ideal for your entire facial and skincare routine. Just a dab a day to your face, lips, elbows, knee, heels, and even your nailbeds can do wonders. Included into every bottle is a blend of essential oils as well as delicate floral scents, which combine beautifully to nourish your skin. The mixture of natural "un-saponifiable" (phytosterols) acts as a derma-regenerator and prevents damages from external agents. 

Why is it a great multi-functional product? 
The formula is a balanced blend of highly selected ingredients, the result is a rich nutrient: the "Mediterranean Diet for your Skin". It adapts perfectly to the hydrolipidic layer of all skin types. It is a perfect remedy for damage caused by external agents such as: sun, cold, wind, pollutants, or synthetic materials in direct contact with the epidermis. 


Olivella Moisturizer Oil 1.69 Oz - Olivella
Olivella Moisturizer Oil 1.69 Oz Sale price$29.99